Nº 2, año 1993 de la versión inglesa

Portada_Socialism of the Future_ Vol 1 no 2

Alfonso Guerra: Socialism and economics 113
Tom Bottomore: Problems and prospects of a socialist economy in Europe 120
Milovan Djilas: Socialist society, no; socialist movement; yes 21
José Felix Tezanos: The criticism of economic reason and the reason of social criticism 134
Ulf Himmelstrand: Economic and industrial democracy in a market economy 145
Femando Henrique Cardoso: North South relations in the present context: a new dependency? 157
Pablo González Casanova: Socialism as a global altemative: a view from the South 162
Adam Schaff: What is dead and what survives in Marxism? 166
Agnes Heller: Socialist movements and social justice 182
Ferenc Fehér: Socialist traditions and the trinity of liberté, egalité,fraternité 189
Giovanni Arrighi: World income inequalities and the future of socialism 195
Manuel Escudero:  The debate on the new objectives of democratic socialism 209